2018 Membership Fees

From 2nd January until 21st February the annual membership and ASA affiliation fees are due. I have attached the membership form below as well as details for medical emergency and photography consent which all need completing.
The annual membership fees for 2018 are:-

Club Fees 2018

Jan – April          May – August        Sept – Dec

1st child

£40                                £30                         £20

2nd child

£30                                £22                         £15

3rd child

£20                                £15                         £10

16 years and over

£15                                £12                         £10

In addition to the membership fees there are Swim England affiliation fees to be paid for the year. We are still awaiting details of how much these will be but don’t expect them to increase too much from 2017 which were:-

ASA Fees 2017 (subject to change in 2018)

Payable all year

CAT 1 






The definitions of the different membership categories are:-

CAT 1 – for individuals who are part of a club and are learning to swim or are swimming at any level within the club network. It is not for people who compete in open competition but want to swim in club and district gala’s only or if the event has an exemption under Swim England Law.

CAT 2 – for people who want to compete and be part of a structured competitive pathway. It is for your club members who want to compete in competitions not exempted under Swim England law. Any Masters swimmers who wish to compete must be registered as CAT 2 regardless of level of competition.

CAT 3 – for anyone involved in a club who isn’t covered by categories one and two, such as volunteers, coaches and teachers.