Club Policies and Documents

In 2015 Spenborough Swimming Club became a Swim21 club.       

The Swim21 accreditation is the ASA’s recognised kitemark for the development of effective, ethical and sustainable affiliated clubs. Swim21 is about creating the best possible swimming experience for all and raising the quality of aquatics provision across all areas. 

Being a Swim21 club this also offers national recognition that we are providing a quality service for all members, which is recognised by Sport England and by gaining ASA accreditation the club receives Clubmark status.

Below are documents relating to the Swim21 accreditation which provides you with information about the clubs policies.

Club Constitution

The clubs constitution is the framework to how we operate and the rules that are applied. Click here to view the club constitution.

Equity Policy 

Spenborough Swimming Club is committed to treat everyone equally. Our Equity Policy can viewed by clicking here

ASA Code of Ethics

Spenborough Swimming Club adheres to the ASA's code of ethics. This can be found by clicking here


The club is committed to a environment where all children and young people participating in
it's activities have a safe and positive experience.
All volunteers who work with children are required to have a criminal records check and a register of all volunteers is kept by the ASA.
The clubs welfare officer is Ian Johnson whose role is to ensure that the ASA policy and procedures are followed. The first point of contact should you have any concerns is the welfare officer who can be contacted on 07973 343652. If you have any concerns which you do not feel you can raise with the welfare officer then you can ring a confidential helpline "Swimline" (0808) 1004001. 

Details of the ASA Wavepower policies can be found by clicking here.