The Internal Club Gala is held over two sessions in September.

This is a great gala for all club members to enter and gives all swimmers
a chance to experience the excitement of competing.

Trophies are awarded for the winners of the 100m/200m events and to celebrate this we hold an annual  presentation night.

Annual Club Gala

100m Trophy Event Qualifying Heats - TBA

200m Trophy Event Qualifying Heats - TBA

Gala 1 - 19th September

Gala 2 - 21st September

GALA 1:  

200m Freestyle - Girls

100m Butterfly - Boys

100m Breaststroke - Girls

50m Breaststroke - Boys

50m Butterfly - Girls

100m Individual Medley - Boys

100m Freestyle - Girls

50m Freestyle - Boys

50m Backstroke - Girls

100m Backstroke - Boys

GALA 2: 

200m Freestyle - Boys

100m Butterfly - Girls

100m Breaststroke - Boys

50m Breaststroke - Girls

50m Butterfly - Boys

100m Individual Medley - Girls

100m Freestyle - Boys

50m Freestyle - Girls

50m Backstroke - Boys

100m Backstroke - Girls