Details for the K&D gala 1.

I have pleasure in confirming details for the first K&D gala on Sunday.

Warm up starts at 1pm so I would aim to be arrive at the pool at 12.45pm at the latest. If you are late arriving and the cards have not been posted then you will be refused the opportunity to swim. Mark Wood is on poolside and if for any reason you cannot make it or you are running late please let Mark know.

Parking opposite the Huddersfield Leisure Centre is £1 on a Sunday.

When you arrive please do not queue up with the general public. If you go through the gate on the right hand side and make you way towards the area directly in front of you where you can view the squash courts.

The meet is a carded system so if we have not seen you with your cards on Tuesday night, Mark will be there with your race cards. Please come and find him to let him know you have arrived and he will hand over your race cards.

Once you have done that go get changed and make your way to poolside where both club captains will be there - Amy and Adam. They will ensure any newbies are looked after.

Spectators can then make their way upstairs and watch the races - there is a small entrance fee to pay to spectate.

Once the gala starts and depending on whether we get enough swimmers, the 9 & 10 year olds may be asked to swim in a team event - but this will be up to what happens on the day. If your swimmer is not chosen for a team please be assured we will try to make sure they will get the opportunity to do so at future gala's.

If your swimmer finishes in the top eight then a final will take place after the heats have finished. Once we have the results we will let them know if they have qualified or not for the final. If not, then they are free to leave the pool and go home. Please can you remind them that they must check with Mark before leaving the pool area for any reason, even a toilet break.

Anyone who has any trophies that were won last year please can you bring them back on Sunday.